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Church Purpose Statement:
We exist to glorify God by seeing Jesus in the pages of Scripture translated into our own lives for the purpose of reaching and discipling people both home and abroad.

How do we see Jesus? Seeing Jesus does not refer to physical eye sight but spiritual perception. We can see Jesus in the following ways:
1. By reading God’s word and looking for him in the pages.
2. By meditating on the Scripture and letting him speak to us.
3. By asking the Holy Spirit to reveal him.
4. By seeking Jesus through the activity of personal prayer.
5. By walking in obedience which demonstrates love for him.
6. By living a life of faith which pleases him.
7. By observing other faithful believers who reveal him.
II. God is glorified when we look like him because God is glorified in him and he always seeks to do God’s will.


Coshocton alliance church is one of the 84 churches of the central district of the Christian and missionary alliance and one of nearly 1700 Christian and missionary alliance churches nationally.

Our churches Core Values are: Service, Love, Unity, Faith, Perseverance, Fellowship, Teaching, Holiness, Prayer, Evangelism & Missions.

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